‘MORE believes in the power of design and handmade creation. We are proud to share this passion with the masters of Italian leather craft, who have dedicated generations of work to preserve old traditions of creating leather items. Theirs is a story of passion, innovation and of course, amore.


Boldrini selleria was founded in a little town, called Chiesina Uzzanese, by Scandiano Boldrini in 1955. His idea was to create a workshop with high-quality and timeless production to represent the craftsmanship of Tuscan artisans. This love and passion for business and craftsmanship was passeddown to Luca Boldrini, Scandiano’s son. He together with a highly qualified team continues to create luxury leather goods for its customers to this day, using only vachetta leather from the nearby tannery Santa Croce sull’Arno. Vachetta leather is a type of full-grain leather, it is vegetable tanned and made of cow hides. it is particularly distinguished by its high fat content and natural, almost untreated finish. This means that thanks to a special process of tanning you receive an aged leather that develops its own distinctive patina over time and use, thus becoming even more unique and beautiful over the Boldrini selleria stands for: design, selected materials, care for details, certified vegetable-tanned leather and HANDMADE IN TUSCANY.




The Pratesi story started back in 1948, when after the Second World War Egidio Pratesi had an opportunity to start working as a costume designer and tailored a number of costumes for Quo Vadis, a famous American film set in ancient Rome. After this, Egidio Pratesi decided to continue his activity as an artisan making small leather goods. Pratesi’s success was growing, so soon he decided to set up a proper workshop, where he could continue making small leather goods, but also handbags. Over the years the company has constantly sought to improve its products as well as increase volume of production in both plain and full-grain leather. Over 50 years, the company has been handed down from father to son for three generations, creating its own unique style in the field of leather goods, perfectly combining beauty and functionality.



Chiarugi was founded in 1969 in Fucecchio by Remo Chiarugi. His aim was to create functional, elegant and high-quality products. The company has remained true to itself, following a family tradition that stood the test of time. His son Emiliano took after his father a passion for business and quality. He renewed the company, by creating collections in tune with the modern world for modern men. All bags are well thought-out to the last detail and handmade by Tuscan artisans in vegetable-tanned genuine Italian leather style: professional briefcases with multipurpose compartments and pockets, ultra-light overnight bags, travel bags for managers, and accessories of the utmost elegance such as wallets, diaries and desk sets. Chiarugi’s mission is to give new solutions for modern life rhythm, spread quality and real MADE IN ITALY.



Back to 1956 two brothers, Piero and Roberto Peroni, founded the company Fratelli Peroni. Their workshop specialized in the production of calf leather goods made with special seamless technics and decorated by following the great Florentine tradition called “cuoietto artistico fiorentino”. They started out decorating souvenirs, and with experience accumulated over decades of hard work and great inventiveness, their collections have grown to cover over 800 articles, but the most famous one is “tacco”, which means “coin case”. All production is strictly made by hand, paying meticulous attention to details and choice of materials. They use only vegetable-tanned leather.

The aim of Fratelli Peroni is to make the tradition and quality of MADE IN TUSCANY known to more people. Each one of their work is a piece of art and an homage for Florentine history.




Probably every person in the world knows about the city of Venice. Most will say “It is city on the water”. But it is much more than that! Venice has its own long history, its own culture and even language! ‘More, simply meaning “love”, is used towards family members, close friends and people you care about in the Venetian dialect. The same word was used to name the brand founded by Leon & Arianna in 2019. After a decade of collaboration with different Italian artisan companies and studying the value of Italian handcraft, he decided to create a production that would represent the city he fell in love with – Venice. The mission of ‘More is to spread the quality, value and love for real made in Italy: all the products are exclusively handmade by Italian artisans for all who seek beauty and usefulness in one! All the products are crafted in vegetable-tanned leather with the best raw materials. You can choose from items in different types of leather, like bridle, full-grain, cowhide, suede etc.

Spread the value of craftsmanship, spread the love and passion for MADE IN ITALY!